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The worst movie posters of all

Film posters are used across the world to market it upcoming motion pictures. There are numerous iconic posters right through historical past that do an excellent activity at grabbing your consideration. Then there are posters that snatch your consideration, however for the utterly improper causes. We’re speaking about Photoshop fails. It is no secret that the illusion of actors and actresses is “altered” on posters, however some simply take the biscuit.

We have rounded up a spread of a few the of the funniest, fantastic and downright atypical film poster Photoshop fails.

Warner Bros.

Aquaman (2018)

In 2018, promotion began for the Aquaman movie with this Tweet showing on-line. The web temporarily realised the sharks within the background have been copied in from Getty pictures and so they set about making their very own variations. Considered one of which integrated a mass of Disney characters making cameo appearances. 

Warner Bros.

Tomb Raider (2018)

This poster for the impending rebirth of Tomb Raider presentations the beautiful Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft. What is improper with it, we pay attention you ask? Take a more in-depth take a look at her neck and you can realize she’s been morphed right into a human/giraffe hybrid. It is too lengthy and too curved to be thought to be human.

Paramount Footage

Arrival (2016)

Once more, this poster for Arrival appears completely wonderful to start with, the massive black puck-like ufo has descended on an Asian town. However which Asian town? Going by way of nearly all of the skyline, you would be proper for announcing Hong Kong. Alternatively, the tall construction on the entrance proper, with the field close to the highest, that does not belong in Hong Kong. That is as a result of it is Shanghai’s Pearl Tower. This model of the poster led to such uproar in Hong Kong that it was once got rid of and corrected lower than 24 hours after being launched.

Lionsgate Movies

I Am Wrath (2016)

I Am Wrath stars a then-62-year-old John Travolta on his project to catch his spouse’s killers and get justice. The largest discrepancy with the movie’s poster is solely how clean Travolta’s pores and skin is for a person of his age. We all know a number of Hollywood stars use positive surgical procedures to masks their wrinkles, however his face simply does not glance actual.

IMP Awards

I Am Wrath (2016)

Some other weirdly Photoshopped model of the I Am Wrath movie poster sees Travolta showing in what appears extra like a online game poster than a movie poster. It is as though he is been crafted with laptop graphics somewhat than snapped with a digital camera. 

Delivery. Films. Dying.

I Am Wrath (2016)

3rd time’s a appeal? What’s going on with the proportions of John Travolta’s frame? We do not take note him being so quick or having this sort of huge head, do you?

Common Footage

The Boss (2016)

This is some other instance (it would possibly not be the ultimate, accept as true with us) of when airbrushing is going too a ways. Melissa McCarthy does not want any lend a hand having a look younger, however whoever made this poster clearly felt she wanted a touch-up.

Warner Bros.

The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

The Legend of Tarzan acquired blended critiques from critics and in case you check out the ape at the proper, he appears just a little dumbfounded by way of that. The entire different apes within the poster glance offended and, effectively, ape-like. However the only at the proper comes throughout just a little too gormless for our liking. 

20th Century Fox

Logan (2016)

Logan was once an absolute surprise of a movie and supplied a becoming farewell for Hugh Jackman as our favorite clawed-crusader. It is subsequently stressful {that a} movie so nice was once given a poster with a mistake. We consider Hugh Jackman’s fingers are beautiful massive, they for sure glance it on this poster. So slightly how a tender lady’s hand is in a position have compatibility round it begs the query “how lengthy are her arms?!”.

Highlight Image/Segment four Movies

Hit by way of Lightning (2014)

This poster for Hit by way of Lightning is regarded as by way of some to be the worst of all time. The 3 actors featured obviously don’t seem to be in mattress in combination and actually, they are obviously now not in a mattress in any respect. It was once without a doubt finished temporarily and on the cheap, however the way it were given signed off and used because the respectable poster, we will by no means know.

Open Street Movies

Chef (2014)

Some other poster that simply screams Photoshop fail is that this one for Chef. The place to start out? In the beginning, Scarlett Johansson’s fingers seem to have a unique pores and skin tone to her head. Sofia Vergara’s image appears adore it was once taken from a purple carpet shoot after which superimposed, to not point out the truth her head appears too huge for the remainder of her frame. And there is additionally the blazing glaring truth none of them are in truth dressed in chef’s hats, however have somewhat been Photoshopped to seem as though they’re. 

Dreamworks/Walt Disney Movement Footage

The Want for Velocity (2014)

This poster for Want for Velocity is some other the place chances are you’ll now not, to start with look, assume there is the rest improper with it, however whilst you believe the peak of the automobiles in comparison to the actors, you realize some problems. Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper don’t seem to be the tallest males round, however we are beautiful assured they are a good bit taller than the automobiles they are status subsequent to.

Warner Bros.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Section I (2010)

We adore just a little of Potter, and the split-up conclusion to the epic saga of wizardry and heroism is a becoming finale. That mentioned, this poster for the primary part of the ones two motion pictures has a delicate however primary error – is Harry in that Underground carriage, or now not? His hairline being superimposed over the entire symbol makes us suspect somebody can have were given this one improper. 

Colombia Footage/Sony Footage

The Superb Spider-Guy 2 (2014)

The Superb Spider-Guy 2 did not make some Photoshop mistakes with only one poster, however two. Within the first, Emma Stone has a ridiculously lengthy proper arm that simply does not glance proper, whilst the second one is not as glaring to start with.

Colombia Footage/Sony Footage

The Superb Spider-Guy 2 (2014)

It is going to glance cool, Spidey placing off the aspect of a construction, however in case you flip the image round so the town is the fitting method up, it straight away turns into transparent that he is defying gravity. Even along with his talent to stroll on partitions, the perspective he is at would no doubt see him fall off. 

Columbia Footage

Spiderman 2 (2004)

Seems Spidey’s been the supply of symbol angst for years, despite the fact that. This poster for Spiderman 2 has some other case of a quietly freakish arm – Kirsten Dunst’s limb should be bent in all forms of techniques. In truth, that Spidey bicep could also be beautiful suspicious, too. 

Surprise/Walt Disney

Captain The usa: The Iciness Soldier

Those posters for Captain The usa: The Iciness Soldier have the entire vintage hallmarks of Hollywood Photoshopping. Scarlet Johansson is already absolute best as she is, but the Hollywood big-wigs obviously concept she had to have a miles slimmer waist than she in truth does. Anthony Mackie’s frame in the meantime is going from difficult, massive chest to a tiny little waist and slender legs. We are beautiful certain he would not leave out leg day on the health club, so he should have had one thing to mention about this symbol. 

20th Century Fox

The Warmth (2013)

Deficient Melissa McCarthy, somebody obviously thinks she does not glance that fab, as as soon as once more she’s been the sufferer of a few severe airbrushing to make her face glance smoother than a bald guy’s polished head. Thankfully, or sadly, relying which method you take a look at it, she’s now not by myself as Sandra Bullock has acquired the similar remedy too. 

Warner Bros Footage

Grudge Fit (2013)

Grudge Fit tells the tale of 2 retired boxers entering into the hoop with every different for one ultimate struggle and stars two of Hollywood’s biggest actors in Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro. Whilst we are mindful they have got the monetary clout to stay themselves having a look more youthful for longer, we in reality do not assume their our bodies glance 60+ years previous. They are without a doubt in higher form than lets ever consider to be on the identical age, however the our bodies on this poster glance a ways too younger for such iconic and right away recognisable actors. 


What To Be expecting When You might be Anticipating (2012)

There may be now not an enormous quantity improper with the lads on the backside of this poster for What To Be expecting, the issues lie with the women on the most sensible. They have been airbrushed, superimposed (we will be able to’t imagine actresses in their caliber all took place to be unfastened at the identical day for a poster shoot) and Elizabeth Banks’ neck turns out to have disappeared.

Millenium Leisure

Trespass (2011)

We do not even really feel the wish to say what is improper with this poster for Trespass, accurately glaring. Each Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman had been airbrushed to inside of an inch in their lives to the purpose the place they do not even appear to be actual other people. 

20th Century Fox

Gulliver’s Travels (2011)

But even so the truth Jack Black, like maximum different actors, has been airbrushed, we will be able to’t lend a hand however marvel the place his enamel have long past. Certain, he is aghast at his scenario, however we have appeared within the reflect whilst pulling a an identical expression and we will be able to see enamel. 

Arc Leisure

The Greening Of Whitney Brown (2011)

There are a number of issues improper with this symbol, the obvious of which is more than likely becoming a horse in a Mini Cooper. Definitely they are horsing round with this one?

First Glance Studios

Blonde and Blonder (2007)

Say what you prefer concerning the name, and the most probably high quality of the film – all we will be able to see is a few in reality unhealthy Photoshop paintings to get Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards’ heads on the ones our bodies. Yeesh. 

Wingman Productions

The Penthouse (2010)

But some other poster that makes it appear near-on unimaginable to get the movie’s actors in combination at one time for an in-the-bed shot. On this poster for The Penthouse, proportions glance improper, they are very obviously superimposed, who wears heels in mattress?, why is there a lager bottle that has been reduced in size down? The questions move on and on.

Sony Footage/Colombia Footage

The Bounty Hunter (2010)

There are some things improper with this poster for the not-very-well-received The Bounty Hunter. In the beginning, we are beautiful certain Jennifer Aniston’s head isn’t two times the dimensions of Gerard Butler’s. It isn’t as though you’ll be able to take belief under consideration and Gerard is sitting within the distance, until after all, Jennifer’s frame is so much longer than we predict. And as for the place Gerard is sitting (on Jen’s left buttcheek it sort of feels), it should be like a bean bag for him to be so sunk into her. 

Warner Bros./Golden Circle Movies

Lifestyles As We Know It (2010)

The makers of this poster for Lifestyles As We Know It have in some way made it devoid of any intensity belief. Josh Duhamel looks as if he may just kick the infant when he swings his proper left, whilst Katherine Heigl may just, actually, be attaining for his left to carry him again. Then there is the cot, which might both be in the course of the room, or by way of the window, we simply cannot inform.

Warner Bros./New Line Cinema

Intercourse and the Town 2 (2010)

The 4 main women of SATC 2 gained the Golden Raspberry Award for worst actress for this movie and we really feel the poster may just win an award for being one of the most worst as effectively. Sarah Jessica Parker’s eyes glance a ways too shut in combination and the silhouetted calf underneath her get dressed appears a lot better than the only on her visual leg. Kim Cattrall’s left arm has an enormous elbow (one larger than her neck) and an exceptionally lengthy forearm. 

Kristin Davis’ knees can also be noticed as a shadow via SJP’s get dressed, and so they glance extremely low down. Both she’s extremely tall, or she’s sunk right into a deep hollow. 

Touchstone Footage/Walt Disney Footage

Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

Whilst there is obviously some superimposing paintings occurring on this poster for Confessions of a Shopaholic, it is slightly risk free as a result of it is transparent what it is seeking to display. The one factor that does not make sense is Isla Fisher’s left arm. It is been very cleverly ‘shopped to seem actual, however she would wish to destroy it to manoeuvre it into that place.

Miramax Footage

Everyone’s Wonderful (2009)

This poster for Everyone’s Wonderful has the standard quantity of airbrushing we have come to be expecting, however the bizarre factor is the standpoint of the digital camera getting used to take a selfie. The hand keeping the digital camera appears adore it belongs to somebody off-screen, versus Robert De Niro. Plus, why is not Kate Beckinsale having a look on the digital camera? How impolite.

Common Footage

Side road Kings (2008)

The principle symbol in this poster for Side road Kings presentations Keanu Reeves keeping and capturing a gun. Our most effective niggle, how is he in a position to fireside the gun with no cause finger?

Common Footage

Sought after (2008)

In the beginning look you might imagine there is not anything improper with this poster for Sought after, however whilst you in truth take a look at Angelina Jolie’s left arm, it’s a must to get started scratching your head. Her shoulder is coming at once out of her chin, her forearm is amazingly lengthy and disproportionate and what’s going on along with her thumb?! Except she has fingers like Shaquille O’Neal or Pat Jennings, we will be able to’t imagine her thumb is that lengthy.

Warner Bros.

Able Participant One (2018)

We are no medical doctors, however we are not certain that any one’s leg must be as proportionally lengthy as Tye Sheridan’s proper peg is meant to be on this otherwise-nice poster. For a movie that used such a lot CGI, it is sudden the poster let the group down like this. 

Common Footage

Mamma Mia! (2008)

We did not spot the Photoshop fail to start with with this poster for Mamma Mia!, however then you definitely take a look at Amanda Seyfried’s neck and take a step again in horror. Both she has the nickname ‘Giraffe’ that we did not learn about, or her neck has been elongated to past all realm’s of risk for completely no reason why in any way. 


Bangkok Unhealthy (2008)

The entire Photoshop fails in this listing are beautiful embarrassing, however this poster for Bangkok Unhealthy takes issues to a brand new degree. In the beginning, Nicolas Cage is status in a peculiar pose with fingers that do not glance slightly proper. However the largest fail pertains to the bullet holes within the most sensible proper; the place have they arrive from? He is not keeping a gun, in spite of his hand suggesting he must be. 

Yari Movie Staff/Filmflex

The Unintentional Husband (2008)

Each Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Colin Firth’s forearms glance extremely pretend on this poster for The Unintentional Husband, however it is simply how quick Firth’s forearm is that in reality makes this a Photoshop forget. 

New Line Cinema

Over Her Lifeless Frame (2008)

Eva Longoria is Spanish however you would not assume so having a look at this heavy-handed Photoshopping of her floating a number of the clouds. Her pores and skin has been moderately closely deepwhite and she or he additionally seems to be lacking her knees.

Creative Movie Companions/The Weinstein Corporate

Virgin Territory (2007)

We are not solely certain what is going on on this poster for Virgin Territory. There is a bizarre mash-up of our bodies and frame portions and Hayden Christensen does not even appear to be an actual human being. 

Anchor Bay Leisure Studios

Heavy Petting (2007)

So Brendan Hines would possibly in truth be giving Malin Akerman a kiss at the cheek, however the canine has for sure simply been Photoshopped into the picture in this poster for Heavy Petting. Additionally, the juxtaposition of the picture subsequent to the tagline makes for funny effects. 

Lionsgate/Paramount Footage

Just right Success Chuck (2007)

This poster for Just right Success Chuck is supposed pay homage to a well-known Annie Leibowitz picture of John Lennon straddling Yoko Ono. Whilst the latter was once an impressive piece of artwork, this poster is a work of one thing else. There may be 0 chemistry between Jessica Alba and Dane Cook dinner, the site is solely utterly awkward and if it were not for Dane’s arm going underneath Jessica’s hair, we might say he was once superimposed. 

Touchstone Footage/Buena Vista Footage

King Arthur (2004)

This poster for King Arthur is an ideal instance of the entirety that is improper with Hollywood. Keira Knightley is a seasoned actress, has gained many awards and delivers nice performances. It is a disgrace, then, that whoever was once accountable for this poster felt her breasts needed to be enhanced. Keira is already a ravishing lady who has modelled for one of the vital largest names in type and is a pin-up lady for lots of. There may be not anything improper along with her frame, Hollywood, depart it by myself.

Sony Footage

Takers (2010)

The case of Takers is greater than somewhat baffling, to be fair, in its mix of musicians, has-beens and actors. Nonetheless, despite the fact that, the poster is much more complicated – none in their heads glance convincingly stitched onto their our bodies, except Idris Elba’s, with Hayden Christensen particularly being victimised by way of that hat. Hideous stuff. 

Warner Bros./MGM

The Complete Ten Yards (2004)

The unusual, creepy man with the absurdly huge fingers within the center was once the very first thing that struck us as being improper with this poster, however issues worsen. Look proper and you can see Matthew Perry’s face does not appear to be Matthew Perry’s face, and avert your gaze down and you can see Bruce Willis has sprouted female legs.

Film Poster Store

How Prime (2001)

A few of these poster fails it’s a must to take two glances at or extra to look what is improper. No longer such a lot with this one despite the fact that, the grass is admittedly stunning. 

Trimark Footage/Lionsgate

Going Overboard (1989)

Going Overboard noticed Adam Sandler grace our displays for the first actual time. It might also had been the primary day for whoever was once accountable for this poster. They have in some way made Sandler appear to be he is constituted of paper, given him an overly atypical pose and superimposed some armbands for him. 

Mythical Footage

300 (2006)

300 is one thing of a contemporary motion vintage, with its beautiful slow-motion gore and fights residing lengthy within the reminiscence. It is a pity this poster cannot fit that high quality, despite the fact that – check out how Gerard Butler’s Leonidas is supposedly gripping that sword and you can see what we imply. 


The Babysitter (2017)

We adore this mistake as it presentations that even the streaming era can also be handled to deficient Photoshop jobs. In case you are now not seeing it in an instant, attempt to figure out which of the ones fingers is left and which is true. 

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