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Linn Collection 3 testimonial: Sonic supremacy

For a provider that is actually consistently seemed to be savvy at checking out the composing on the wall surface, Scottish sound authorization Linn has actually gotten its own wonderful opportunity to supply its own launching cordless sound speaker. Linn has actually been actually at the leading edge of electronic audio streaming for effectively over a lots years.

Before 2009 ended it possessed terminated its own (quite possibly pertained to) series of Compact Disc gamers – bear in mind those points? – so as to focus its own attempts where it understood the true electronic sound activity would certainly be actually; it had not been long hereafter the business began utilizing its own Exakt electronic sound handling motor to improve its own speakers right into electronic stereo.

‘ Forward-thinking’ as well as ‘bold’ may not be the very same as ‘negligent’. Linn has actually held back coming from signing up with the premium cordless sound speaker riot till its own Exakt innovation may be included right into an item that matches that many unobservable of advertising demands – certainly, our company’re speaking ‘way of living’ – along with seeming satisfactory to validate putting on a Linn symbol.

And thus, eventually, there is actually the Linn Series 3. It is actually undoubtedly amongst the best pricey cordless sound speakers around, yet Linn believes, along with its own normal directness, that it is actually “the best-sounding cordless sound speaker on the planet”. And also you recognize what? Our team’re locating it challenging to differ …


Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 21 centimeters.
Laser-cut grille.

There is actually undoubtedly no puzzling the Series 3’s concept lexicon for that of some other cordless sound speaker. At 30 centimeters higher it is actually a self-assured dimension, as well as the naturally formed cupboard is actually evocative … what? A wine-glass, as Linn on its own recommends? Um, a light bulb of fennel, perhaps?


No issue what it advises you of, there is actually no refusing Series 3 is actually a striking beauty. And also it is actually nearly as responsive a satisfaction as it is actually graphic – the cupboard is actually directed coming from a nutrient material even more often released in premium kitchen area porcelains, as well as is actually after that hand-finished till it is actually beautifully soft. Like rock, it is actually awesome to the contact as well as, like rock, it is actually thick as well as rigid as well as passive sufficient to produce an optimal audio product.

Part of its own graphic glamor arises from its own light abnormality of design. Distance of 25 centimeters as well as intensity of 21 centimeters aid its own portions, as well as the front end of the cupboard is actually squashed off a little bit of to enable the sparse, annoyingly reflective as well as strong grille to rest standard. The leading of the cupboard isn’t degree, either – it pitches ahead carefully, all the much better to present its own perfectly included glass top-plate.


200 watts of energy: 100 W 19 mm tweeter; 100 W 160 mm motorist).
Roon Ready, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth 4.2, TuneIn world wide web broadcast.
Exakt electronic motor.
24 little/192 kHz.

Many cordless sound speakers may be released as a stereo system set just through acquiring 2 of all of them. That is actually almost exactly how it partners with Series 3.

₤2950 purchases you a ‘301’ sound speaker, which is actually positively piled along with performance. On the within it is actually stuffing a number of Class D energy amps of 100 watts each – that is actually one to steer the 19 mm cotton dome tweeter as well as one more to energy the 160 mm sedated newspaper mid/bass motorist under it.


Towards all-time low of the back of the cupboard are actually the sound speaker’s bodily inputs. There is actually keys energy (naturally), an Ethernet outlet (for utmost cordless security), an HDMI ARC outlet (in the event you wish to provide your video clip resources the Series 3 procedure) as well as an Exakt Link. This final appears a whole lot like an Ethernet outlet, as well as is actually utilized for relationship in a stereo system set.

But typically, the Linn is actually typically concerning its own cordless adeptness. The Series 3 is actually Roon Ready, so any type of on-line sound (as much as a beefy 24 little/192 kHz criterion) comes; Apple AirPlay 2 as well as Bluetooth 4.2 are actually on call for simple streaming. Streaming solutions – consisting of Spotify, Tidal as well as Qobuz – are actually included right into the Linn/Kazoo management application, as is actually TuneIn world wide web broadcast (although Linn’s recurring hostility in the direction of MQA suggests Tidal Masters reports are actually on call just as 16 little/441 kHz copies).

No issue exactly how you receive your electronic sound relevant information aboard your 301 Series 3 sound speaker, however, once it is actually there it is actually sifted due to the Exact electronic motor. Essentially, Linn is actually looking for to always keep all this intricate relevant information in the electronic domain name for so long as feasible. Any type of below-192 kHz things is actually upsampled to this settlement, as it is actually at this conventional the Exakt motor executes its own electronic crossover filtering system. The documents is actually after that upsampled once more, to a spirituous 768 kHz, so as to bypass all digital-to-analogue phases. Just after that is it nourished to the energy amplifiers, having actually been actually carried as electronic relevant information till milliseconds in advance.


This is actually exactly how Linn’s Exakt motor functions in the business’s various other electronic stereo, a lot of which expense plenty greater than the Series 3. It is actually a painstaking, made complex as well as pricey procedure, as well as it is actually one through which Linn possesses downright religion.

To receive the very same arise from a real stereo system Series 3 configuration, you’ll need to have a ‘302’ sound speaker to accompany your301 In relations to motorist requirements as well as on-board boosting, the 302 corresponds the 301 – yet it holds ploded to the301 The 302 possesses only a keys energy outlet as well as an Exakt Link input, where it attaches to 301 so as to obtain all its own audio relevant information. That is actually why a Series 3 ‘unit’ is actually a little bit of lower than double the rate of a stand-alone301


Linn/Kazoo management application (iphone & & Android).
Vocal management through Amazon or even Google.
Bodily contact commands.

The Series 3 isn’t a brilliant sound speaker – as in representation associates may not be straight integrated – yet it is actually feasible to handle its own wide-ranging performance if it is actually on the very same system as an Amazon Alexa or even Google Assistant mic-equipped sound speaker. Incorporating the Linn right into the Alexa or even Google Home application occurs through Bluetooth, as well as extremely simple it is actually also.


There is actually likewise the Linn/Kazoo application, which admits per as well as every feature the Series 3 can easily do, as well as is actually fairly rational as well as smartly organized. When they weren’t created through a provider along with a) no opportunity tensions as well as b) endless funds, it is actually likewise around as steady as these points ever before receive. Right here’s where you configuration your significant Series 3 multi-room unit (if you, also, possess endless funds).

Series 3 possesses a bodily user interface also – as well as it is actually thus extremely happily responsive that you might be actually lured to produce it your principal resource of communication. In addition to the 301 is actually, as covered, a glass layer – this possesses an amount of touch-sensitive commands for usage when coupling, for stashing favourites as well as presets, as well as for managing quantity. There are actually 100 slim LEDs making up a gently radiant cycle at the center of the glass layer, as well as they signify quantity degree. (Of training course, the 302 possesses no requirement of any one of this – consequently only possesses a happily sparkling ‘Linn’ company logo glowing coming from its own glass top-plate.)

Sound top quality

Brilliant time-alignment.
Meaningful, ordered audio.
Phenomenal information access.

As discussed previously, Linn looks at Series 3 to become “the best-sounding cordless sound speaker on the planet”. And also while it is actually feasible to produce a sturdy disagreement versus that on a pound-for-pound manner, in downright phrases the business might effectively be actually.

Everything the Series 3 carries out, in relations to audio duplication, it performs with full capability as well as self-confidence. It is actually apparent coming from the very first handful of pubs of a 24 little/192 kHz documents of Beck’s Nobody’s Fault But My Own that the Linn possesses ultimate authorization over the product – as well as provides it up in the best convincing method.


A large aspect of what the Exakt motor (as well as, through expansion, most of Linn’s electronic items) makes sure is actually that the moment placement of the popular music is actually as convincing as feasible. Songs, undoubtedly regarding Linn is actually worried, appears its own very most reasonable as well as all-natural when all the regularity relevant information achieves the audience together, no matter where in the regularity selection it is actually (as well as hence for how long or even quick a surge it is actually). The fairly handful of components to the Beck audio audio unarguably like an efficiency – there is actually a feeling of oneness as well as communication in between the various components of the tune that produce it appear like a singular part.

In concept it appears certainly not just apparent yet simple. You do not need to have to listen closely to lots of cordless sound speakers (at any type of rate) to become aware weaving private hairs of an audio, along with their lots of various appearances as well as regularity relevant information, right into a defined entire is actually much coming from quick and easy.

The Series 3 produces it seem like kid’s play, thoughts you. It is actually an implacable as well as straight artist – a much less information-rich 16 little/441 Khz CD-standard documents of Solange’s Losing You is actually nonetheless extravagantly in-depth as well as powerful. Low-end favorites deeper as well as challenging, yet along with straight-edged management to the assault as well as tooth decay of private keep in minds; at the contrary side of the regularity selection, highs noises are actually bright as well as neat, yet certainly never recommend they’ll overflow right into firmness or even fragility – even though you’re paying attention at substantial intensity amounts. And also in-between the only thing that, the vocal is actually thus jam-packed along with relevant information that the nuances of the vocalist’s approach are actually imposed totally basic.


And unlike a ton of items coming from self-consciously ‘stereos’ labels, the Series 3 isn’t scared to run-down neighborhood it. Despite if you participate in the slapdash 30 Seconds Over Tokyo through Pere Ubu or even the turbulent Theme de Yo-Yo through Art Ensemble of Chicago, the Linn sets up the relevant information right into a significant entire, does not be frugal on the particulars, as well as possesses the type of vibrant strength to supply the soft/loud strikes of either documenting vibrantly.

The Series 3 audio possesses articulacy, accuracy as well as drive – yet, above all, it is actually stimulating as well as pleasurable to listen closely to. Even if the Linn recovers all the alright particulars, all the barely-there transients, all the low-level accordant subtleties, that does not imply it is actually dispassionate or even rational. No, it is actually a thrilling as well as every now and then breath-taking listen closely.


If your major worry is actually acquiring true, actual high-fidelity audio coming from a cordless sound speaker – as well as you possess the certainly not inconsiderable wherewithal – after that you positively must audition this Linn.

There are actually many various other cordless sound speakers that supply more significant downright quantity, however, thus if that is actually one of your prime factors after that probably the Series 3 will not suffice.

As much as music-making goes, nonetheless, there is actually truly nothing at all the Linn Series 3 can not perform. It can easily appear as lively as well as powerful, or even as critical as well as dextrous, as your popular music requirements; it can easily strike hard, it can easily ease, it can easily mesmerize.

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