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Jaden Smith’s Relationship Status With Tyler, The Creator ? Are Will And Jada Cool About It ?

Jaden Smith And His Sexuality

Jaden Smith has made it to the headlines of many news tabloids for his sexuality. Many people are confused about whether he is gay or not. If Jaden’s words are true, then he is gay. The musician and actor of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett made it public during the Flog Gnaw Carnival music festival in Los Angeles that he is gay and is dating rapper Tyler, The Creator. He said, “I wanna tell you… Tyler doesn’t want to say, but Tyler’s my motherfucking boyfriend and he’s been my motherfucking boyfriend my whole fucking life!”

What Is Jaden Smith's Relationship Status With Tyler
Jaden Smith’s Relationship Status With Tyler

Was Jaden Smith Serious About Dating Tyler, The Creator

Many people are thinking that Jaden’s words about dating Tyler were just a joke and nothing more. However, Jaden went a step ahead to confirm his relationship with Jaden through Twitter. He tweeted, “Yup @tylerthecreator I Told Everyone You Can’t Deny It Now.” To this, Tyler replied, “hahaha you a crazy n***a man.” This extra effort to talk about his relationship made fans wonder that Jaden was in fact serious about his relationship. However, Jaden has not talked about it much in the recent past.

Jaden Smith Confirms His Relationship For A  Third Time

What Is Jaden Smith's Relationship Status With Tyler

Long time back, Jaden Smith came on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Radio, The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story. This was more or less the third time Jaden went out of his way to confirm his relationship with Tyler. Jaden usually keeps his mouth shut for most of the matters and this was very unusual for him to do. He said during the show, “I recently said that Tyler, the Creator is my boyfriend, and that’s true. So, just so you know.” However, Tyler and Jaden have not been spotted together yet which makes one believe that all of this was one big prank.

Will Smith And Jada Pinkett’s Reaction To Jaden Smith Being Gay

Will and Jada have never publicly addressed Jaden Smith’s sexuality. However, the two are very progressive people who have given a lot of freedom to their children. Their unique and parenting are one of the reasons why both their children have been able to make a place for themselves in the entertainment and music industry.


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