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​Ashley Benson Is Speculated To Be Engaged To Her Rapper Beau

It is speculated that the famous actress Ashley Benson is engaged to her alleged beloved G-Gazy after the actress was spotted sporting a ring on her wedding finger while she was out on a dinner date in Los Angeles. The actress and her beau were also seen twinning their outfit with matching white shirts and black trousers. Ashley paired her outfit with black leather boots, and her man was seen wearing sneakers in black and white. Her blonde hair, which she had tied up into a pony suited her, and her minimum accessories complemented her look. She also carried a black sling bag to her side and walked hand in hand with her beau. G-Gazy, his real name is Gerald Earl Gallium, is a renowned rapper who is just 31years old, and Ashley is just 30, and they seem deep in love.

Ashley broke up with her previous boyfriend

It was just in the month of April, this year that Ashley broke up with her previous boyfriend, Cara Delevingne, after being together for 2years. Their relationship first became public when they were seen kissing at London’s Heathrow Airport in August 2018. Ashley is a popular face of pretty little liars, which is a hit series that aired in the year 2010 until its finale season in 2017 in which she starred as Hann Marin.

Ashley broke up with her previous boyfriend

Before Cara, Ashley has even dated Justin Bieber’s Drew House business partner Ryan Good and Chord Overstreet. Ashley and G-Gazy first confirmed their relationship on May 10 when they were seen shopping together. G-Gazy also dated many public-acknowledged faces known to be Lana Del Rey, Halsey, designer Christiana Roseann Ray, Victoria’s Secret model Yasmin Wijnaldum and Megan Thee Stallion. The couple was spotted together while they were dining out and chatting with friends. Ashley was seen settled on the lap of G-Gazy and was holding a cigarette. It is also rumored that they will soon take their relationship to the next level if the speculation proves true.

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