BTS V dating Kim Yoo Yung?
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BTS V dating Kim Yoo Jung? Are the rumours true? Check here

BTS V dating Kim Yoo Jung: Rumours regarding V and Kim Yoo Jung dating have hit the internet. People have already started shipping them and want them to see together. Without wasting any time, let us look at the news. Kim Tae-Hyung, also know as V, is a South Korean singer known for his incredible performances.

V is also a songwriter, record producer, and actor. V is a member of the famous worldwide group BTS. Kim Yoo Jung is a South Korean actress who is well known for her acting skills. She made her debut in the year 2003 as a child actress. She is considered as the most famous child actress in Korea in the year 2003.

Are V and Kim Yoo Jung dating?

BTS V dating Kim Yoo Yung?
BTS V dating Kim Yoo Jung?

Rumours regarding v and Kim Yoo Jung are spreading vastly over the internet. Many fans assume that the couple has been dating for a long time and are not officially talking. V and Kim Yoo Jung were recently spotted at the subway. However, there’s no clue regarding the meet and is said to be spontaneous. Pictures were clicked off both where v is seen sitting, and Kim Yoo Jung was seen standing. Both are said to be high school friends and are in a good friendship bond since then.

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V has been shipped with many other Korean band members and actresses, named Tzuyu from the band called Twice, pink Jennie from the band named Black. In a fun show named Rockie, king V has given a dare to kiss J hope.after completion of dare Kim Tae-Hyung made a statement that J hope is the only girl he has kissed, and yes, shes her first kiss. Kim Tae-Hyung is a very private person and never speaks about his relationship.

Kim Tae-Hyungs innocency is at the next level; in an interview, V was asked to say something about him to which he replied He said, ” his name is V, and he’s a good boy. Rumours regarding V and Kim Yoo Jung are just assumptions, and no official announcement has been made from their side.

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