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Riverdale: Lili Reinhart and her underwear scene

Lili Reinhart opens up about feeling uncomfortable.

Lili Reinhart isn’t afraid to come forward and discuss topics like body image and grappling, considering them unrealistic beauty standards. In a news interview with The Los Angeles Times, the star of Riverdale opened up about the time she felt uncomfortable filming a skin-baring scene among her fellow mates.

“I don’t have the CW girl body — tiny waist, nice-shaped legs, skinny, small, tiny,” Lili told the Times. “had to do a bra and underwear scene in this last season and I felt really insecure about it. I really, really didn’t want to do it. I didn’t tell anyone this.”

To spread the message of body positivity.

She even said that she wasn’t forced to do the scene. Though Reinhart clarified she wasn’t forced to shoot the sequence (“I did it because it was my job,” she said), she “felt bad” about herself for filming it. But she realised that she couldn’t she was in a complicated situation as believing in body positively she could not back off from this situation. She felt that she could preach something when she wasn’t willing to face the situation.

Explaining that,

“So even if I’m not feeling amazing about my body, I felt it was important for me to do the scene anyway in my bra and underwear so people could see my body as it was. I did it for the people who feel like they need to look a certain way.”

The Twitter backlash instead of support

 Lili Reinhart and her underwear scene
Lili Reinhart and her underwear scene

Earlier this year, Reinhart also tweeted about feeling “very insecure” and “intimidated by the physique of my surrounding castmates” while filming stripped-down scenes.

She had written in the tweet that, she felt very insecure due to the expectation that people have from women on tv, what they should look like, she has come to terms with her body and that she isn’t the kind of person you would see walking on a runway during fashion week, have bigger boobs, cellulite on my thighs/butt, and her stomach sticks out rather than curves in.

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Reinhart received backlash from commenters who pointed out that, she was rich or white or had money they believed that her feeling was not valid just because she didn’t have to suffer and go through what they felt.

She came back with a reply that she felt the reason people don’t come out to voice their opinion is cause they are either unheard or received in a rude way. She felt the commenters should be ashamed of themselves for this.

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