Is Fauci in support of CDC?
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The loss in human life and destruction caused by Novel Coronavirus has already been damaging the entire world internally and economically. Along with much other bad news have been reported in 2020. ‘2020 could be more worse’ is what people believe worldwide. Firstly, several changes are being made in every other country regarding guidelines and precautions to prevent from getting affected by Covid-19.

However, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been reported to make several changes too, which says “people don’t need to get tested unless there are any symptoms occur in their body or they feel physically unstable”. CDC secondarily makes the statement.

CDC further says if a person is at a distance of 6m from an infected person or an area still should not go under any testings until they don’t show any symptoms. Moreover, testings aren’t mandatory for a person with healthy and a fit body. Is it the person’s physical state that portrays if he/she is infected on.

Dr Fauci in support of CDC?


The news is being read globally and has eventually shocked many health consultants and doctors. One of the nation’s Highly skilled infectious disease expert and a member of the coronavirus task force Dr Anthony Fauci is surprised over the statement released by CDC department.

In an interview with CNN, Dr Fauci says “I was under general anaesthesia in the operating room” to remove a polyp on his vocal cord and was not part of any discussion or deliberation regarding the new testing rules setup by CDC department”. Along with Dr Fauci, the Chief Medical Correspondent Dr Sanjay Gupta is worried and concerned over the miscommunication and fowl recommendation given by CDC reading Testings.

The recent report by CDC may affect peoples behaviour too as per our knowledge.CDC defends by saying if a person comes in contact with the infected person, they should immediately quarantine themselves for 14 days.

Other experts on CDCS statement

Experts such as Dr krutika Kuppalli ( infectious disease physician in Palo Alto, calif), Susan Butler (clinical microbiologist at the University of California) have shown their disappointment towards the statement released by CDC. Experts believe encouraging such kind of behaviour many cause severe damage to the people residing in society and can even spread the disease vastly over the country.

Moreover, they feel that it is all baseless and in-depth discussion should take place, which will provide a better understanding of the people and officials.

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