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How much is the Net Worth of Lorraine Warren? How did she become a famous investigator?

Lorraine Warren is an American Paranormal Investigator. She belongs to Bridgeport, USA. She partners with Ed Warren Miney to research on the paranormal activity. Miney died on August 23, 2006. Actually Lorraine and Edward are a couple. Lorraine established a society named “New England Society for Psychic Research”. In fact, it is told that this is one of the oldest haunting groups in New England area.

What is the relation between Ed and Lorraine?

Lorraine Warren’, husband was Edward Warren Miney, they both traveled various places to research paranormal activities and occult related stuff, even writing books and have shared knowledge at many colleges and universities all over the country. She has said that her organization has solved 100,000 cases approximately.

How was Lorraine’s personal life?

Lorraine was born on 31st of January 1927. She was born and brought up in Bridgeport, Connecticut (USA). Lorraine’s age is 92 years.

Though, there’s no data about her parents and siblings. Actually, Lorraine’s birth name is Lorraine Rita Warren. Her life partner is Ed Warren Miney who was a Lecturer, Author & Demonologist. Warrens has a daughter named Judy Spero.

How did she become a famous investigator?

Lorraine got fame in 1965 for her help in Connecticut murder. She isn’t afraid of anything and roams freely in empty rooms of any haunted house. The movies inspired by their research are “The Conjuring Universe” and “Amityville Horror Series. Warrens haunting case on Amityville and Snedker family are said to be false by Joe Nickell and Ben Radford.

Lorraine even has a museum named “The Warren’s Occult Museum” near to her home. They have trained demonologists like Dave Considine and John Zaffis. Ed and Lorraine appeared in films like “Paranormal State”, “Scariest Place on Earth”, “The Challenge” and “A Haunting series”.The Conjuring 1 and 2, Anabelle, The Haunting In Connecticut, The Nun, The Haunted Annabelle Comes Homes are some of the movies inspired by Ed and Lorraine.

How much is Lorraine Warren’s Net Worth?

Lorraine Warren has an estimated net worth of $1 Million approximately. She has earned this fortune through cases like Annabelle the Doll (1967), The Perron Family Haunting (1971), The Amityville Case2.(1976), A Haunting in Connecticut, The Southend Werewolf (1991), The Trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson.

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