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All Kudos To The Efforts Of Tom Holland That Spider-Man Is Staying In MCU.

Since Spider-Man was removed from MCU over disputes with Sony, It was vehement efforts of the actor Tom Holland that his character is still a part of MCU. Reports suggest that it was Tom Holland who personally reached out to the higher authorities at Sony and Disney.

In August, it was officially announced by Marvel Studios that Spider-Man would no longer be a part of MCU as its parent company Disney had some disputes with Sony over revenue earned by Spider-Man Movies. Since Sony owns Spider-Man and they denied sharing half of the profit to Disney, Marvel Studios called off their agreement with Sony concerning Spider-Man’s casting in MCU. That clearly meant that Spider-Man, Tom Holland’s character, would no longer be seen in Marvel movies, and no other Marvel characters will be seen even as a cameo in his. Fans were devastated at this news and certainly felt that the actor fell victim to the company’s greed.

But our unnamed hero was Holland himself, who left no stone unturned to get his character back in MCU. In a report by the Hollywood Reporter, Holland reached out to Sony and Disney and asked them to come on negotiable terms in order to top revive Tom’s character in MCU. Tom made intense efforts to reach out and talk to Disney CEO, Bob Iger, and Chairperson of Sony, Tom Rothman, in order to chill the air between the two. He used his privilege to convince Sony as he is set to be the star of Sony’s adaptation of a video game.

It was not easy on Holland’s part to convince, but his multiple efforts to engage with both men, grieving fans, and followers, helped him to prove his point to the concerned companies. Now Spider-Man is officially back in MCU, all kudos to Tom Holland’s efforts.

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