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All you need to know about the Teller Capture

Teller capture refers to the process of handling bank checks and money orders at the tellers counter. The common practice in banks involves scanning checks and clearing them. Teller capture takes place in the presence of the customer, which means that the teller handles one check at a time.

Many people confuse teller capture and branch capture. The branch capture practice happens when the customers are absent, and the checks can be scanned in batches. The teller capture involves the service you get at the teller counter while the branch capture involves other deeper processes that take place inside the bank. Here are a few things that you should know about teller capture.

  1. Good images

When you examine a specific document, you need high-quality scans that represent the original. The Panini scanners offer you high-quality photos for future reference. High-quality scans are easy to work with as you can read each detail as it appears on the original.

The Panini teller capture offers you an array of resolutions to use. Each image is apparent with each detail readily available. The scanner will scan the entire document at a go and produce the exact copy.

  1. Speed

A good scanner like the Vision X will take a few seconds to get what you want. Everyone is always in a rush to get to someplace. Many people will postpone going to the bank in fear that they will take more time than they should at the tellers counter. The faster service at the teller can earn you more customers than your competitors.

If you can scan checks and process them, people will want to open accounts with you. You can say goodbye to slow working days and angry customers waiting in line.

  1. Productivity

Feel like your team could do more? Get a teller capture that the tellers will enjoy using. When the scanning process is quick and straightforward, they will enjoy serving customers. Problems at the workplace are known to reduce productivity at the workplace.

The proper equipment makes work more manageable and efficient. With a scanner, your teller cannot make costly mistakes that can lead to future problems. Everything is handled in near perfection, making everyone more productive.

  1. Smooth operation

Some scanners will start having issues after handling a handful of checks. However, an excellent teller capture from Panini allows you to be productive by allowing smooth operation. The scanner rarely has issues handling checks and will take little time to have everything processes.

With the teller image capture, you do not have to go through the documents again to verify. The images are clear and thus leave zero room for errors. The quality of work that staff can do with a reliable machine will give your team an upgrade.

  1. Works great even with new users
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Working with a new team? You may have been unable to introduce any other scanner in fear that they will not be able to operate the scanner. However, the Panini teller capture is simple to learn. You do not need specialized training. The scanner requires no complex processes to set up and use. Everyone will love using the new scanner as it gets things done in a second.

With a manual, set up process is simple and requires no expertise. Once your order arrives, you can set up and get down to work.

  1. Multiple uses

The teller image capture system can serve several needs all at once. In a branch where there are many kinds of transactions taking place, having one reliable machine is essential. You can use it to scan process and even verify checks before you carry out any other procedures. It occupies very little space that having to use several different machines to carry out all other functions.

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Teller image capture handles up to six documents at a time. When at the counter, the machine will process and verify each one of them at a go.

Reliability and speed are essential for bank operations. One simple mistake can create huge losses. High-quality systems make it easy to operate a busy branch. Take your department to the next level by getting the Panini Teller Capture machine.

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