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Which song will be the best 2000’s Latin Hit? Bad Bunny, Enrique Iglesias, Rick Martin Thalia And Many More in the List

Which would be the best Latin summer song of 2020?

It’s now time to vote for your favourite Latin song of Summer, 2020. Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias held a press conference at the London West Hollywood a few months ago. With Billboard Best Latin Song Summer stretching as far as mid-September, fans are anticipating which song will be at the top. Here are the nominees for the best Latin summer song of 2020. The Billboard Latin Music Awards 2020 will air on October 21 via Telemundo.

How are Latin Songs in a different position from 2 decades ago?

The Billboard Hot Latin songs chart is now ruled by singers such as J Balvin, Bad Bunny, Rosalia, etc. However, the situation was much different two decades ago. Now, the Hot Latin Songs Chart combines streaming data, digital plays and airplay. Back in the days, it was led by tropical anthems Marc Anthony, Thalia, etc. Pop ballads were also a major part of it. It was the year 2000, as many as 18 Latin songs top the Billboard Chart.

With so many Latin artists releasing new songs, it would be interesting to see which one is the audience favourite. From singles to album and collaborations there are many options to pick from. Last year, Bad Bunny became the top Latin artist of Billboard’s year-end chart. The nominees for the Artist of the Year are:

  • Bad Bunny– Bad Bunny has given Latin music a new definition. The lyrics of his songs include social problems and things which he likes. He has also collaborated with top artists like Drake, Cardi B, etc. Last year, his album X 100Pre hit Number 1 at 2020 Billboard Latin Music Awards
Bad Bunny
  • Ozuna– His album Odisea was at Number 1 on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart for as long as 46 weeks. He is also going to speak at this year award show.
  • J Balvin– J Balvin’s recent song “Ritmo” for which he collaborated with “Black Eyed Peas” topped at the Billboard Chart.
J Balvin
  • Romeo Santos–  Romeo Santos received the Award for Artist of the Year at 2016 Billboard Latin Music Awards. His album “Utopia” was also at Numer 1 on Billboard Chart.


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