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Billie Piper Opens About Her Stress During Teenage Fame As She Gears Up For ‘I Hate Suzie’ !

Billie Piper To Star As Protagonist In Series ‘I Hate Suzie’

Billie Piper is making headlines for her new and upcoming series I Hate Suzie. In the series, she plays the protagonist. She plays a character who is a singer and then turns to act to finally become a mother. Her character closely resembles her own life as she entered the industry as a singer and is now a mother to three children. For Billie, this close resemblance has helped her to draw inspiration from real-life while portraying the character. She said, “I know exactly what that feels like and I’m sure it feeds into my performance. I’m only coming to terms with a lot of it right now.”

Source: Daily Mail

Billie Piper Opens Up On Her Stressful Time As A Teenage Popstar

For Billie, fame knocked her doors very early in her life. She became a music sensation when she was just 15. At that time, her debut hit ‘Because We Want To’ topped the charts. However, everything was not fun for her as fame and money came with a lot of stress. Everything took a toll on her mental health and made her anxious. She said, “In my 20s a lot of my stress from that period was buried, and I still struggle to remember a lot of it. I don’t regret it. I love what I do and where I’m at personally.

Billie Piper Is Scared Of Social Media

Unlike other celebrities, Billie Piper is afraid of social media. She feels the social media world is very toxic and wrong aspects of fame are magnified in it. She said, “Let’s put it this way, I wouldn’t have wanted to be a famous pop star now. The social media element of it all is terrifying because it’s continuous; it’s in your bed, next to your bedside table every night.”

Source: Daily Mail

Billie Piper Doesn’t Want Her Kids To Follow Her Path

Billie has three kids but she doesn’t want any of them to walk the path that she has taken. She is scared her children might also get affected negatively. She said, “But I certainly wouldn’t want my children to go that way. There’s an anxiety of me as a child that I probably on some levels smother my children with.”

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