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BUyDig is offering a deal on Xbox One bundle


Microsoft released its Xbox One S All-Digital Edition in May, and now three months later there is already a deal going on the console. There are reports that an online retailer is offering an Xbox One S All-Digital bundle with six games.

The retailer besides this is also offering two months of Xbox Live Gold along with the bundle. You need to pay just $330 in order to bring the bundle home. Earlier the bundle was available for $369, and you are getting a total of $39 discount on the deal.

The games that the online retailer is offering with the bundle include “Minecraft, Madden NFL 20, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 3, and Gears of War 4”.

BUyDig will be shipping the product to the countries including US, Canada, and the UK, but customers should keep in mind that the shipping charges are not included in the bundle price and the retailer will charge hefty shipping costs to the latter two countries.

Previous week the Xbox One S and 4K TV bundle were available for $500. The bundle was earlier available with a copy of Madden NFL 20, there was one other game included with the bundle, but that depends upon which Xbox One S bundle you have chosen.

Microsoft released the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition on May 2019, and the console is pretty much similar to the standard Xbox One S, and the only difference is that the All-Digital Edition of the Xbox One S model does not come equipped with a disc drive; the All-Digital Edition can’t play physical game discs or 4K Blu-rays.






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