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Chris Evans Travelled To London to meet Lily In Coronavirus! Relationship Goals

Chris travelled to London to meet Lily

Chris Evans and Lilly James were kept in quarantine, to keep up the safety measure, but it didn’t add up for Chris who was stuck in America while his lady love was in London. But it didn’t take long for Evans to catch up the flight to see his new lovingly girlfriend, Lilly James.

As per the reports, Evans has his own house in the London city, and he might have planned to stay there for a while.

The American actor Chris Evans lives in America, and Lilly James is kept for quarantine in London. It Becomes difficult for any American to get a visa and visit another nation during the pandemic. But It doesn’t fit into Evan’s case. He took the first flight that would lead him to London to Lily.

The London park date

A few weeks earlier, they together they had been spotted partying at a private members’ club. Their photographs went viral as they left London.
Later on, we they were spotted in a London park spending quality time together with each other. They were enjoying icecream and were lounging on thr grass. Moreover, they were looking too adorable together. They have finally found love together.

The shocking news about the rumours regarding Lili James romance with Matt Smith which had been hovering as well have vanished without a word now that Chris and Lily love cannot be hidden anymore, the cosy love they showed portrait exactly what they feel for each other.

Spotted at London Hotel together

Three days later, Evans and Lily headed towards London hotel. They headed to Corinthia in a taxi together. This incident took place nearly 1 am.

In order to avoid unwanted attention, they entered through different gates. They took all the measures to avoid being the centre of attraction; they even took an additional taxi. Lily has a home at North London, to which she entered from the main entrance. Evans made his way to the plush Hotel.

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The fans are happy and rooting for them to be together. They feel overjoyed to see Evans and Lily together.

This shows their love doesn’t have any boundaries. Even quarantine and pandemic can’t stop them from showing their love for each other, and nothing can separate them from reaching each other.

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