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iOS 13 source code suggests that Apple is testing connecting AR headset with StarBoard Mode and Garta codename


Apple’s latest iOS 13 updates suggest that the company has been testing the connection of AR headset with the Apple device having iOS 13. Apple has always been drawn to virtual reality devices. But the latest report by some experts mentioned that the project of development of AR headsets is kept at a halt for some time.

But Apple’s fandom and blogs have seen the source code of iOs 13, and it suggests that Apple is still in the midst of trying to adopt an AR headset for the future. The coding in the documents indicates that Apple is trying to connect with the augmented reality headsets with the new Apple app StartTester. The app is designed to connect with the AR goggles in and out switch mode. There are two head-mounted states for testing, including “worn” and “held.”

Analysts have also found a readme file in the Apple iOS 13 update file which points to the fact some sort of testing is being done with the codename Garta. We suppose that the Garta will be the next augmented reality headset, on which Apple is working for years. The device is said to be part of the various programs that Apple is running under T288 umbrella.

Digging into the iOS 13 documents, these analysts have found that there are strings in the code that indicates that manages and controls the StarBoard mode and various views and scenes. The string name suggests that they are related to augmented reality, including “ARStarBoardViewController” and “ARStarBoardSceneManager.”

There are a number of publications that suggest that Apple will be launching revolutionary AR glasses in 2020, although Apple has not made anything official yet. Although our imagination still thinks that augmented reality is profound.

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