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Fans Speculate That “Shawn Mendes” and “Camila Cabello” Have Broken Up. Is It True?

  • It is rumoured that singer Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have separated. According to an insider, the couple has broken up as they are working on their separate albums. At the peak point of their careers, they need to spend time away from each other.

Why the rumours of their breakup started?

The rumours started buzzing around when the duo was staying at Camila’s home in Miami. They were supposed to go to Mendes’ house in Los Angeles. However, they decided it would be better to take some time off. Before coming into a relationship, Shawn and Camila were best friends. They always managed to see each other despite their hectic schedule. They are often spotted together, having fun and chilling around. Camila even mentioned that her last album, Romance, was made from her emotions. It was like falling helplessly in love. She admitted that she was very much in love with Shawn and never imagined that she would feel all the happy side of falling in love. Camila never had a serious relationship before Shawn, and even Shawn was never in the news for his dating life before.

“Shawn Mendes” and “Camila Cabello”.

How the fans reacted to these rumours?

The couple is one of the most lovable among the audience. Their collaborated song “Senorita” was applauded worldwide. The chemistry of the duo was beautifully depicted in the song’s video. It was clear that they are in a very serious and committed relationship. The couple has a combined fan following of over 100 millions on Instagram. That is why the news of their breakup didn’t go well with their fans. They claimed that the recent posts from Camila’s Instagram are from Los Angeles. Some even said that Shawn and Camila were seen walking together a few days ago.

A fan reacts to breakup rumours.

It is not the first time that the rumours of their breakup have started. When asked Shawn how he reacts to such news, he replies with a smile. Mendes said that he had simply stopped reacting to all the rumours.

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