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Google Play now comes with a Kids Tab in its Play Store

As lockdown makes all schools shut, and now children are staying at home, so Google is making an effort to keep them engaged.  The children are now spending much time in the house and devices. So, to help parents in keeping them busy with kid content, the company brings a new Kid Tab.

In the Kids tab, you will find several Kid related apps, and teachers approve all apps. Each of the apps can be seen to be rated with age, enrichment, and experience. So, if you are searching for good kid-related content, you can download it from here.

In the Play Store, you all can see that it comes with the teacher approved badge. For all that reason, it is always the best idea for you to go for these apps.  In response to the release of new Kids Tab here, Google post in its blog post that, the company trust teachers. They are the ones who can make your life right and can enrich your kids.  It is a good thing that the company is now sharing the expertise for the Kids in its Play store. It will help kids learn many things at home during their lockdown holiday.

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