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Joaquin and Rooney Mara bless with a baby boy

Great news for the fans of Jaoquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara as the couple is now a parent of a cute baby boy. The couple welcomes a baby boy, and they have named their baby a sweet and meaningful name.

As per director Viktor Kossakovsky, he states that the name of their child is River.   At the Zurich film festival,  the question and answer session, one asks about the Phoenix’s involvement and role in the documentary Gunda. Kossakovsky, the director of the movie, then explains how Phoenix signs the movie as an executive producer and how much he revealed it to the fans.

Apart from that all, when fans start asking about the new little member, then the most common question is about the baby’s name. In an official tweet from the director, he writes the boy’s name is River and is based on his late brother River Phoenix. In 1993, his brother died due to a drug overdose, and he was 23 years old only.  After the death of the brother, their family rarely speaks about their late son, but now with such a gesture, it seems they are trying to make it a countable memory for the child and family together.

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