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Justine and Caleb, “Love Island” Winners Talk About Their Serious Future

Well, after winning USD 100,000 grand prize and getting the majority of the vote, the winning couple is still riding high. Recently they have shared their great life-changing event with all. While expressing her happiness, Justine (27) state that she is super pumped and excited. The due are still in shock. She further expressed that they are now feeling like on the top of the world, but that is feeling really crazy, as they don’t know what is going on in the outside world.

Both were quite stunned to know that they have received a huge amount adoration as well as praise from the “Love Island” fans across the world for their respectful and mature romance style. Speaking about the crucial positives that were come out of the relationship between Justin and Caleb on Love Island is the healthy Black love, which is quite rare in the reality TV shows.

Caleb stated that he feels really good to know that only they were able to display healthy love to the viewers at home. It is awesome that people are watching them. He has also expressed his excitement about their relationship is influencing people more than just tv show.  They will live stream their wedding.


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