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Kleos Space’ 3rd satellite cluster to launch on December

One of the most influential sectors in the space industry revolves around satellites and the latest satellite constellation upgrade. This detail means putting together several satellites under a functional network and communicating to perform a mission together. It is currently a popular trend after different space companies took tests to confirm its functionality. Starting from SpaceX, NASA, and other companies, satellite constellation is not new. The capability of clusters of satellites is well-proved, and experts have evidence of its use. Kleos Space is a company with a project using satellite clusters with various launches at time intervals.

If you are keen on space-related trends, then the Kleos Space project is something you must have come across. It has been running for years, with the company moving a milestone with time. Reliable sources claim that the company is steps closer to its final goal. Recently, it signed up for a partnership with Spaceflight.Inc with a target to launch the third satellite cluster KSF2 in December 2021. The launch will use SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket as the company grows the firm’s satellite constellation. The second launch is also under a SpaceX Falcon rocket, scheduled by mid-year.

The 3rd launch includes four KSF2 Polar Patrol Mission satellites, which will launch into a distance ranging between 500 and 600 km SSO. This target complements the Kleos’ first and the second satellite constellations and ensures maximum cover over crucial areas of interest, for instance, the double full coverage of areas in both north and south poles.

The Kleos’ second satellite cluster recently finalized a critical development phase from its recent update and is on schedule for the mid-2021 launch. It will run aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9. If the launch is successful, the 2nd satellite cluster will commission and collect data from the initial satellite cluster under Kleos, Scouting Mission satellites. The first launch took place in India in November 2020 and entered into an inclination of 37 degrees.

In an interview, Kleos CEO Andy Bowyer spoke of the third launch and the development team’s excitement for the progress. The third satellite cluster’s critical mission is to collect data to improve radiofrequency intelligence data frequency. Kleos Space is working towards an ambitious goal of at least twenty satellite clusters wherein each stage; a launch increases the data volume. It gives insights into activities in crucial areas of interest.

Andy explained that despite the progress in satellite constellation, the company is also busy securing and building a new base. Currently, data from the Scouting mission satellites comes in handy in commence revenue generation. Customers and experts forecast an excellent future for Kleos Space.

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