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Measures that would see the United Kingdom Economy Recover and the net-zero target met

REA, the abbreviation of The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology, has a new strategy. The published strategy revolves around measures necessary for the recovery of the UK economy and net-zero delivery. The strategy titled Strategy for Renewable Energy and Clean Technologies outlines several REA’s targets. For instance, some of them are in phases, the contribution of renewable energy to the power grid. Consequently, its contribution should be over half by 2022 and at 100% come 2032.

As far as transport and heat industries are concerned, there is a target of ensuring that its large share of energy demand will be satisfied by clean energy. The plan is for clean technologies such as renewables to afford the same by 2035. According to the association forecasts, the clean technology, and renewable energy industry also have the potential to create up to 200,000 new employment opportunity by 2035.

However, as far as REA is concerned, several things may make it hard for the targets to be made, if not impossible. Consequently, there is a need for their removal, or else the targets will remain unrealized. The trade body believes that a wide array of technologies in the sector would go a long way in helping reach the targets. A fit-for-purpose grid network and a well-defined plan for the market are equally crucial for it to thrive.

According to Nina Skorupska, the CEO of REA, the United Kingdom’s energy transformation though still ongoing, is the largest among generations. Its progress towards ensuring that greenhouse gas emissions reductions to 0 by 2050 are so far so good. She also compares it with the industrial revolution. Upon comparing, she deduced that the two, ongoing energy transitions and the industrial revolution are quite similar to some extent. For example, for the next 30 years, the former requires the same energy as what the latter needed back then. Just like its predecessor, the energy transition will also change the nation’s fabric, businesses, and homes in one way or the other.

She also points out that COP26 is around the corner. So, before then, it would be excellent if the UK government was to make a bold statement, and at the moment, it has a perfect opportunity. With the help of the strategies, it would come up with both crucial and achievable targets. Since there are barriers that would bar the country from reaching its targets, it goes without saying that something needs to be done. What better way of dealing with them than providing solutions so that they can be eliminated?

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