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Most Anticipated TV Shows & Movies That Are About To Hit Netflix On November 2020

Netflix is all set to charge-up for Christmas from November. There are many shows that are coming up in November but let’s list some of the most anticipated ones. Starting from November 1, Netflix is going to add 60 Days In: Season 5, A Clockwork Orange, Casper, Dawson’s Creek: Season 1-6, Platoon, Little Monsters, Mile 22  and many more. 


All these contents and more are to be added onto Netflix on the first day of November. Following to that some of the shows and movies that would join you in the mid-month includes Prospect, Felix Lobrecht: Hype, Mother, Love and Anarchy (Netflix Original), Operation Christmas Drop (Netflix Film), Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (Netflix Film) and much more. 


As many new movies and shows are to be added onto Netflix in November, most of them are leaving the platform as well. Some of the popular TV shows and films that are about to leave Netflix are Shark Night, Olympus Has Fallen, Krisha, Into The Forest, Sleepless, The Sea of Trees, The Addams Family, Abominable Christmas, End of Watch and many more. 


All these inclusions and removals will be implemented as per the dates decided by Netflix officials. 

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