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BTS Responds to Their Newly Released Song Dynamite! Jungkook Confessed That He Wasn’t the Best Version of Himself.

As always, BTS members sat together to watch the release of their new song, Dynamite MV. In fact, every release of their new song is followed by a session. In the meeting, all the band members share their opinion and make comments on their music video.

A still from BTS music video “Dynamite.”


BTS discussion over their new song “Dynamite.”

So, as usual, the BTS members gathered together to watch their song MV. On 21st August 2020, another session was held. This song is a bit different from their other releases as the lyrics contain all the English words. The band started their live session by greeting their fans. The members were delighted as the song was getting positive reviews from the audience. Everyone admitted that they were quite nervous and anxious before the release of MV. They revealed that they hadn’t watched the complete video of the song yet as they always watch it together.

Jungook confession about he was not feeling hot

The band also shared some interesting thoughts about the making of the video. In the video, Jungkook is seen performing solo in a part when the other members of the group scattered. Jungkook confessed that he was a bit off at that time. He was not feeling hot and froze several times in the spotlight. He told that his shot was to be filmed on the 1st day. However, it had to be pushed for some reason. ” I had a hard time filming the scene,” said JK. “I was the first one in and the last one out.” At that point, Hobi interrupted and said he looked great. RM added that Jungkook had to take multiple shots to finish his part.

RM comparing the final choreography with Teletubbies

Jin’s poses were also discussed by the members. The video consists of several humorous moments. But Namjoon comparing their final choreography arrangement with Teletubbies was the best. The video got a large number of views within minutes after release. You can check out the complete video below:

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