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Telespazio reconfigures itself to take advantage of new space integration possibilities

Telespazio, which is a European space flight integrator, is reorganizing to pursue new foreign projects that it expects would nearly double sales in the coming five years. The partnership between France’s Thales Group as well as Italy’s Leonardo newly made its first purchase under this policy, purchasing Vitrociset’s space activities to bolster its support services. Vitrociset is security, defense, space, and transportation services company that was established in 1992 by merging air traffic control services firm CISET as well as defense logistics supplier Vitroselenia.

Leonardo, which completed the purchase of the entire business in January 2019, is transferring the Vitrociset properties. The deal would first power Telespazio’s current space support operations, like Europe’s flagship Galileo navigation as well as Vega launch programs, according to the company. Telespazio’s acquisition of Vitrociset’s space properties, which include about 300 technicians and engineers, is a component of a new plan to hit €1 billion in annual sales during the next five years.

“The incorporation of Vitrociset is among the first measures on the roadmap; others will follow,” Paolo Mazzetti, Telespazio spokesperson said. He stated that the growth would come from domestic and foreign emerging space activities like lunar and Mars exploration, government satellite communications, in-orbit servicing, as well as space traffic management, starting with its position in initiatives like Galileo.

“All of these are paving the way for a fresh space arena in the near future, based on creative service approaches, space programs, and technologies,” Mazzetti said. Even though the two firms have already collaborated closely, they claim that the asset transfer would boost Telespazio’s role in the space services sector while allowing Vitrociset to benefit from commercial and operational synergies.

Telespazio’s regional presence will be expanded in countries such as Belgium as well as the Netherlands, and its activities in French Guiana, where the Europe’s Kourou spaceport is situated, will be strengthened. Mazzetti declined to comment on the firm’s ambitious five-year plan but stated the company is looking at “a range of projects” similar to the one it signed with Sateliot, which is a Spanish satellite IoT startup, on February 23.

Sateliot is collecting seed funding for a constellation of approximately 100 nano satellites that will offer IoT services outside of the scope of 5G mobile networks. Telespazio intends to help Sateliot establish fresh IoT services in markets such as infrastructure management, seaborne freight, agriculture, and telecommunications, using its distribution expertise. Thales Alenia Space is also assisting with the constellation’s growth.

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