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Tesla pioneered the Golden Age of electric vehicles

Tesla is a legendary carmaker when it comes to electric vehicles. It is not the pioneer of electric cars for nothing since they make impressive moves that leave the world with a wow every day. There is a silent revolution in countries globally as car owners abandon fuel-powered engine cars that once came to aid in the transport industry. This evolution will take the planet to a new generation with less noisy streets, cleaner air, and less environmental pollution. And this thought settles well for most of the people globally.

In the rising new generation of EVs, drivers will have the opportunity to charge their cars from the sun at a lower price. This move will reduce the planet’s dependency on oil. Tesla’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) meteoric rise has undoubtedly brought a new golden age of electric vehicles and enriched its shareholders. Tesla is one of the companies whose growth was fast in a short period and got money on the table and introduced exciting products.

Since the start of this year, it was named the year of SPAC, but it is proving to be EV SPAC. This year brought about the rise of EV manufacturers, battery supplies, and charging companies. All these companies have one specific thing; they promise to improve the future of the transport sector. Reliable sources claim that the EV market will grow significantly globally before the end of this decade.

The United States figures will rise to at least 34%, which is equal to four million. Some experts claim that the accurate digits will be higher than the expectations since the new administration supports the net-zero emission target. Countries such as Norway are creating chances for the development of EV sales. In addition to that, many start-up companies will fight for dominance to match up to Tesla. Different investors are also coming to the rescue and getting into this industry with the highest potential in 2021. And statics show that they are many promising electric vehicle companies worldwide to help the transport ministry transit to clean energy.

The move to the electrification of new models and existing product lines will lead to a golden age of EV that will change the world forever. Currently, the world is rapidly heading to an all-electric transport system as the energy sector works on renewable energy sources. For a few years, experts predicted that a new dawn is coming with clean air and quiet streets, and with the current situation, it looks like it is finally here. Watch out for electric vehicles and their evolution as the world undergoes a complete turn-over.

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