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The Killer Of Michael Jordan’s Father Gets Parole. Set To Be Free In 2023 !

Murderer Of Michael Jordon’s Father Gets Parole

Larry Demery, one of the killers of Michael Jordon’s father, James R. Jordan Sr. has got parole for good behavior. Larry was convicted for the murder of James R. Jordon along with Daniel Green in 1996. The two were sentenced to life imprisonment and have been in jail ever since that time. However, Larry has got parole from the North Carolina Post-Release Supervision and Parole Commission for his good behavior inside the jail. Larry will be free from jail on 23 August 2023. However, Daniel cannot apply for parole until next year.

Source: NY Times

The Death Of Michael Jordon’s Father

The death of James R. Jordan Sr. took place in 1993. James had stopped at US Highway 74 for a nap after coming back from a funeral. He had a red Lexus SC400 that Jordon had gifted to him. Larry and Daniel saw the car and decided to rob it. They killed James in his sleep and they fled away with the car. They later understood from the belongings in the car that the person they killed was the father of NBA player Michael Jordon. James’ body was found ten days later in a swamp in McColl, South Carolina. Since it was already ten days, the body was identified through dental records. In 1996, the two were convicted of first-degree murder and robbery.

Michael Jordon Talks About The Impact Of His Father In His Life

Michael Jordon was very close to his father and had a great impact on his life. For Jordon, it was his father who pushed him to do take up challenges. More than a month ago, Jordon reflected upon the impact of his father in his life on his death anniversary. He said, “One of the things that [my dad] always taught me is that you have to take a negative and turn it into a positive, so I started looking to the other side of it, and that helped me get through it.”

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Michael Jordon’s Father Was His Source of Advice

Michael was just 30 when his father died. For him, his father was his mentor who gave him advice and guided him all throughout his life. Jordon said, “We were very close. He constantly gave me advice.


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