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Topgolf renovations make it a favourite spot among locals

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, goes the old saying. Now that the winters are round the corner, a lot of people have started flying into Vegas. Both locals and tourists are in for indoor as well as outdoor entertainment.

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, lives have come to a  halt. The strict guidelines and public health restrictions have slowed down the life of people.

The renovation of the four floored Topgolf located on Koval Lane behind MGM Grand, Las Vegas has set the people around on fire. The reopening of public places and loosening of restrictions have had people pouring in for numerous activities.

Kim Chute, Topgolf’s senior marketing manager, said since the venue has reopened sanitation and cleanliness have been the most prioritized factors that have been encouraged in the compounds.

With a hold on swimming facilities, Topgolf, Las Vegas compensates for its fun in other ways. Free parking and gameplay discounts up to 25% for locals, best in the class driving zone, and much more entertainment facilities.

The new facility has been renovated keeping the pandemic in mind. Social distancing has been the foremost reason that has shaped the interiors and masks, and mass gathering has been discouraged in the premises.

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