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Twitch planning to launch Prime Watch Parties to the US streamers

Back in October 2019, Twitch disclosed its first plans for ‘Watch parties.’ The trial feature would authorize streamers for watching Prime Video along with the viewers, also being their subscribers.

As of now, the ‘Watch Parties’ beta is broadening to all the US Twitch associates. The introduction of the trial feature can be available to US makers in the coming weeks. Twitch has plans to introduce the feature across the world in the coming months.

There would not have been a more favourable time, as millions of viewers around the world are presently self-isolating amid COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of streamers and leaders assigned to keep their viewers engaged. The advanced beta will also cover a picture-by-picture setup, so audiences can view and hear about streamer’s reactions to each scene.

Content seems to be a bit finite, with exceptional options for viewers. This includes Star Trek, Survivor, and a series of Jack Ryan. Subs and segments approved during Watch Parties, which allows viewers to chat, drop handout and subscribe just as they would at the time of a normal stream. The list will set to develop depending on the popularity of ‘Watch Parties’. With the ongoing global crisis, they surely will.

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