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What is Mophie company all about? What are its main products?

Mophie is a California-based technology company that manufactures accessories for smartphones and other mobile devices. Portable charging accessories, particularly phone cases with secondary batteries contained within, are its main product. Inc. 5000 the company is listed in and 2013, rated in the Top 100 Consumer Products & Services Companies. In 2016, Mophie was acquired by Zagg.

Mophie History –

In 2006, mStation Audio in California was founded by Daniel Huang and Shawn Dougherty. In 2007, it acquired the Vermont-based company Mophie. Juice Pack product for iPhone devices was released. The company earned sales of $1.9 million. In January 2014, it partnered with Swarovski Elements to make a stylish, fashion-oriented version of its Juice Pack Air, and this is the 1st collaboration of the company. The same year, it partnered with Valentino SpAto to produce limited edition products to complement its Rouge Absolute line.

In 2015, it partnered with Uber to deliver power reserves to those who needed them in Old Town Scottsdale, Downtown Phoenix, and North Scottsdale in Arizona. Via the Uber app, consumers could request power reserve, which Uber drivers would then deliver. In the same year, it partnered with the charity RED to make a Juice Pack Air case for the iPhone 6. Super Bowl ad was created in the same year through Deutsch L. A called “All-Powerless” and liked by the critics.

The first wireless charging pack was launched in 2016 by the company. In the same year, it re-introduced the mophie Rescue initiative at South by Southwest. In 2016, Zagg’s President assumed President’s role at Mophie, and he worked hard to improve overall operating performance. In the same year, December, the company released the Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+. In March 2017, Chris Ahern became President of mophie.

Mophie Product –

Wireless Charging – Portable charging batteries and wireless charging docks offer safe and fast charging to be used in homes and offices. 

Power Banks – It has fast charging capabilities and integrated cables and offers a boost of power when needed. 

Battery Cases – Slim, protective juice pack battery cases will help to maintain full charge. 


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