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What is the story behind The Beast?

The Beast is an Italian action thriller film. Ludovico Di Martino directed the film, Groenlandi, Warner Bros, Regione Lazio produced the film and Claudia De Angelis, Nicola Ravera, and Ludovico Di Martino did the screenplay. The film released on 27 November 2020. Leonida Riva is a gloomy, solitary war veteran, once Captain of the Army’s special forces. He stayed away from his family due to work and life. His eldest son does not like him, but his daughter loves him very much. But a tragic event will force him to transform into something he thought he had long buried in the past.

Main casts includes – Fabrizio Gifuni, Lino Musella, Monica Piseddu, Andrea Pennacchi, Emanuele Linfatti, Giada Gagliardi, Nicolò Galasso, Giacomo Colavito, Gianmarco Vettori, Matteo Berardinelli, Andrei Nova.

More details about The Beast –

In the opening scene, it is shown that the lead character (Ludovico Di Martino) is consulting his doctor about his medication. He has PTSD. He wants medicines to reduce the pain instead of help. This scene is highlighted to show how stubborn is Ludovico, and he will do anything to get what he wants. The opening scene also shows that he can transform into something he was once in the past. A series of events is triggered by The Beast when Ludovico’s daughter gets kidnapped. He arrives with the cops at the crime scene, and the crops assure him that they will do whatever they can to find his daughter. Later it is shown that the kidnappers are getting away, the cops are just standing around, and Ludovico takes the matter into his own hand. 

The film has been made so that it gives a feel of a fast-paced, gritty action thriller. The film also highlights the fact that how Ludovico’s past has hampered his present relationships. The film tries to make the main character as moody as possible, but in the 2nd half, the audience loses interest in what he is doing. There is plenty of action but no substance. 

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